We employ an inside-out model in our work to help clients
reveal values, amplify strengths, and inspire impactful change that endures.


There is no greater influence on innovation, culture,
and productivity than people. So we focus on them first.

At the center of this phase of work, is you. A trusted, master coach is dedicated to help uncover all that drives you, stresses you, and strengthens you. You’ll walk away with resounding clarity on who you are, and what makes you truly thrive.

Participants receive:
•    An individualized, one-of-a-kind assessment
•    A transformational 1-on-1 assessment debrief
•    Performance goals alignment
•    An assigned personal certified executive coach


When greater awareness informs conscious choices,
leaders foster accountability, engagement and results.

Uncover what values are activated when you are at your best, and understand better what interupts your shine. Ultimately, learn how to move more by choice and less by chance.

•    Perform deep dive into levels of energetic choice
•    Discover personal values, beliefs, and strengths
•    Align personal values with company values
•    Learn powerful coaching skills
•    Receive 5 self-mastery executive coaching sessions


Clearly articulated values, beliefs, and strengths help to fuel awareness, participation and verve.

With your values and beliefs clarified, you’ll be better suited to truly connect with others from an authentic place. You’ll know what winning looks like with others by first showing up as your fullest self.

Participants will:
•    Discover an authentic voice and brand
•    Workshop your audacious goal
•    Recognize energy in others for real connection
•    Practice empathy, curiosity, buy-in, and listening skills
•    Receive 5 skill-strengthening executive coaching sessions


Empowered people, who are energetically bought into a mission that matters, produce sustainably.

Once uncovered, it becomes possible to align the values and strengths of the individual, to that of the team and company; resulting in performance and enduring growth that belongs to everyone.

Participants receive:
•    Re-administered online assessment to measure growth shifts
•    A transformational 1-on-1 assessment debrief
•    Outcomes measured against Company/Individual metrics
•    Conclusion to executive coaching sessions.



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